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Better customer service with a better ticket system

As part of our continuous efforts to improve our technical support and services, we are moving to a new system for technical support. Our new tech support system is easier for you to use and easier for us to achieve the excellence we strive for. Starting immediately, new support requests submitted via our Load Tester software will be directed into the new system.
The new system features:

Better support through email: if you prefer email correspondence, you can reply to tickets via email and include attachments
Better teamwork: you can CC a coworker to give them access to the ticket so they … Continue reading »

Web Performance Introduces QA Tester™ with 6.2 release

Ever since I began the work of adding real-browser support to Load Tester, I have been eager to apply that technology to QA and functional testing. As I learned about Selenium/WebDriver and how QA testers were using it, I saw a need for a powerful, easy-to-use tool that builds on Selenium/WebDriver. This release is our first step towards addressing that need. This premier release of QA Tester gives testers a rich UI environment to create test cases with little or no programming experience required.
Test cases can be run together to validate that a test site is functioning correctly, or they … Continue reading »

Load Tester 6.0 RB Released!

Load Tester RB™ introduces an exciting new capability: generating load with real browsers using Selenium/WebDriver. Instead of simulated browsers hitting your website, WebDriver controls actual browsers, each one behaving as if an actual user was sitting there clicking and typing.  There is no more accurate way to do web testing, and you have absolute confidence that your website is being hit with the most realistic web traffic, and thus are getting the most accurate pictures of your website’s performance.
Our beta customers have reported being able to more quickly develop test cases for complicated websites, drastically cutting the amount of time it … Continue reading »

How to get a Quote for Load Testing Services

One of the first questions from customers interested in finding out the performance of their website is “how much will it cost?”.  The main cost drivers for load testing are the number and complexity of the test cases, and the number and size (in concurrent users) of the test iterations.  This blog post will explain how to describe your requirements and get an accurate cost estimate split into two types of charges:  setup, and test iteration.
Setup Costs
The results of a load test are only as good as the quality of the test cases, but there is a large variation in … Continue reading »

Load Tester 5.4: Now on OSX!

Note:  This blog post rates high in Google searches, but is a couple of years out of date.  Please read this for the latest on our OSX load testing software.

Hi, I’m Michael Czeiszperger, the original author of the Load Tester 1.0 and 2.0. Although Load Tester originally ran on OSX, 10 years ago the future of that platform was very much up for grabs, and with 99% of our sales on Windows, the OSX version was dropped. Fast forward to 2013, and I decided that 10 years of running Load Tester on my OSX machine through an emulator was … Continue reading »

Load Tester 5.4 Released!

Our goal with Load Tester 5.4 was to build the easiest to use load testing tool, even if you had no experience with load testing. It should just make sense when you look at it, with every button in the right place and all of the right information at your fingertips. We’ve spent most of 2013 reworking the user interface, trying out several different ways of doing the normal load testing workflow, until it both looked great and let us get load testing done as quickly as possible.
But of course, user interface improvements weren’t the only changes: we threw in … Continue reading »

Measuring Pagespeed and Customer Engagement

Recently we started using Google Pagespeed here at, and one of the cool features you can do with it is split traffic, so half of your customers get no pagespeed, and the other half get pagespeed turned on. With this approach you can actually measure how pagespeed does across your entire site, as well as drill down and look at its effects on individual pages, or even divide performance by country or continent.

As you can see, the effects on our top four most popular pages were mixed. The most improved page was the list of product … Continue reading »

Patch Available for IE SSL Bug

A recent Microsoft security advisory and subsequent patch unfortunately disabled SSL recording with Internet Explorer on all released versions of Web Performance Load Tester, Load Tester PRO, and Trainer. SSL recording with Firefox was not affect, but other browsers have not yet been tested.
If you have a current support contract you can update any 5.0 or later release by using Help->Software Updates, and selecting “Search for updates of currently installed features”. Follow the instructions to install patch 5.1.111161. If you have a current support contract, but have not yet upgraded to to 5.0 the most recent installer … Continue reading »

Load Tester PRO™ 5.1 Released

Fast on the heels of the initial 5.0 PRO release, 5.1 is a major upgrade that includes support for mobile load testing, a completely resigned load test design and control system, improved support for dynamically scalable websites, Internet Explorer 10 support, and portal license manager integration.
Mobile Load Testing
The increasing web traffic from mobile devices has been noticed for years, but how much does it really effect a website? A recent study shows that 7% of web traffic is from mobile devices, which includes both phones and tablets. Because these devices use different browsers, and sometimes access different versions of a … Continue reading »

Spinout at the Carolina Motor Park

Nineteen cars started on Saturday, and Jason finished 3rd in a very boring race (after
the first lap he basically drove solo laps the whole time). So on
Sunday the top three finishers decided to skip qualifying entirely and
start at the back of the pack just to make things more exciting.
Unfortunately he got spun around while passing a slower car (at the 35second mark) on the
opening lap which put him dead last plus about a 20 second gap.
Fortunately he was able to make up some time and ended up seventh.
It was nearly sixth but for an out of class car got … Continue reading »


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