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Load Testing is Not an Academic Problem

For Rowan University, ensuring that their students can get registered for classes is not an academic problem. If errors or system crashes prevent students from getting into the classes they need, it can have a serious impact on their academic careers, potentially even resulting in additional educational costs. So when the IT wizards at Rowan were planning significant upgrades to their hardware and the Banner 9 software from Ellucian to ensure the best possible experience for their students, they knew load testing was an essential part of the project.

AIX Monitoring Support on the Horizon

We’ve got a lot of new exciting progress making it’s way into Load Tester 4.2. Among these features, Load Tester 4.2 will be introducing an Advanced Server Analysis™ module designed for AIX servers. Like our other Advanced Server Analysis™ agents, the AIX module is capable of running offline, and will continue to collect data about your server even when normal connectivity to the server has been overloaded (unlike some of our competitors solutions). The monitoring agent can collect vital information from your server, including:

Disk activity (reads / writes / % utilization)
Network activity (bandwidth in & … Continue reading »

Load Testing Metrics: Comparing to the Median

Once you’ve been using Load Tester for a while, it’s easy to find the minimum, maximum, and average page durations. But how does that compare against the median page duration, or percentiles?
Starting with Load Tester 3.6, these measurements can now be made, but it’s been made easier to find in Load Tester 4.1. First, you will need to enable “Detailed Page Durations”. In Load Tester 4.1, simply make sure the “Detailed Page Durations” option is checked on the “Data Collection” section of the Load Test Configuration editor.

With that setting enabled, just run your Load Test as normal. When examining the … Continue reading »

New Load Tester feature – web page performance goals

Load Tester has supported the concept of a performance goal for quite a while, but the implementation has been rather limited. We have completed work on an improved version for our next release (3.6). Load Tester now provides the ability to set a performance goal for each web page and/or transaction in a testcase individually. Of course, you can still specify a global page performance goal, as you could in the past. In addition, users can specify a default page (or transaction) duration goal for an entire testcase and then override that value for each page or transaction. The performance … Continue reading »


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