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“Load testing – making sure an application will perform well under expected usage – is a tricky business. It requires intimate knowledge of everything, from how an application works and how users are likely to interact with it, to how the production environment is set up, according to analysts, development managers and tool makers.”

Integrating Load Testing with Software Development (Himanshu Bhatt)

“Successful projects require mitigating risks early on. Developing an Internet-enabled system exposes project teams to more uncertainties than ever before. With global access to systems, nonfunctional requirements such as security, performance, scalability, and availability suddenly become strategic.”

While the book is excellent, the web site is one of the only sources of raw information for current statistics on end user bandwidth.

Microsoft Enterprise Services White Paper E-Commerce Technical Readiness

“This paper discusses the essential testing stages that are conducted during the implementation of an e-commerce solution and its maintenance. It also covers specific types of e-commerce testing and defines their stages.”

Software/QA Test Resource Center

Stick Minds Tools Guide

A "testing portal" from the editors of Better Software Magazine.


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