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Load Tester 6.0 RB Released!

Load Tester RB™ introduces an exciting new capability: generating load with real browsers using Selenium/WebDriver. Instead of simulated browsers hitting your website, WebDriver controls actual browsers, each one behaving as if an actual user was sitting there clicking and typing.  There is no more accurate way to do web testing, and you have absolute confidence that your website is being hit with the most realistic web traffic, and thus are getting the most accurate pictures of your website’s performance.

Our beta customers have reported being able to more quickly develop test cases for complicated websites, drastically cutting the amount of time it takes to configure load tests while being fun at the same time. The resulting tests will need much less maintenance over time, drastically reducing the amount of time spent going over test scripts.

Testcase configuration and debugging is more intuitive…

Test results now include render time…


We think this technology has clear advantages, but its not for everyone, which is why Web Performance Load Tester now comes in two versions, Load Tester PRO™, which uses virtual browsers, and Load Tester RB™, which supports both virtual and real browsers.  Users who need to simulate more than 5,000 concurrent will need to stick with Load Tester PRO™ for now, since the RB edition is limited to 5,000 concurrent users.

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