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Stronger NTLM session security supported for Load Tester 5.4

Let’s say you’re testing an internal site which uses Integrated Windows Authentication. You may have already been running regular tests on this site with no difficulty. Then, an administrator runs a security tool (such as the Windows Security Configuration Wizard) and suddenly your Load Tests now fail with HTTP 401 Unauthorized responses.
What happened?
One cause of this can be a feature of NTLM security was enabled, requiring clients to support NTLMv2 “session” security. While this security feature is stronger, it is not universally supported by all clients, including legacy versions of Load Tester.
Getting past the issue is easy: just upgrade Load … Continue reading »

Load Tester 4.3 Improvements: Speculative Authentication for IE8 and IE9

Load Tester 4.3 carries a number of improvements for both ease of configuration, and accuracy of test simulation. Among these improvements comes support for speculative authentication, allowing Load Tester to simulate behavior from IE 9. The speculative authentication is only used for HTTP authentication schemes used by Load Tester’s Connection Negotiation Authentication feature. More information about HTTP authentication is available under How HTTP Authentication works and why load testers should care.
To describe the speculative authentication feature, it is easiest to simply look at a testcase using Basic Authentication.
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How HTTP Authentication works and why load testers should care

The most commonly used authentication method for websites is a login form on a web page. We’ve all seen them – enter your username and password into fields on the web page and press the Submit or Login button. From the standpoint of the underlying technology, this is no different than submitting any other form – only the names of the fields distinguish them as login or password fields and the security mechanism is implemented within the web application.

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Our experts … Continue reading »

How to upgrade NTLM testcases from Load Tester 4.1 to 4.2

Due to the scope of changes in the 4.2 release and the improvements to our NTLM support, testcases using NTLM that were created in Load Tester 4.1 and earlier versions are not automatically upgraded with the required 4.2 configuration settings. The result is testcases that will not be able to perform the NTLM authentication – therefore causing a failure of every transaction that requires authentication. Fortunately, the manual upgrade process is relatively easy:
Step 1: Select the testcase and run the Testcase Configuration wizard. You can do this from the pop-up menu in the Navigator view (Configure > Configure for Replay) … Continue reading »


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