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Load Testing for the 2017 Eclipse

It has been 99 years since a solar eclipse has crossed the entire continental US, coast-to-coast. 14 states will be treated to 2½ minutes of total darkness by the August 2017 eclipse. I remember watching the partial solar eclipse of February 1979 in my school playground. I am (obviously) a little bit of a science geek, so when I got the assignment to load test the Eclipse Live 2017 site, I was excited. Besides the prestige, it’s really fun to be associated with a project that will be seen by millions, even in a minor role.

NASA hosts much of … Continue reading »

Simulated DNS Load Balancing Improves Testing Accuracy

With the release of Load Tester 4.1, we’ve been discussing some of the new features available in this release. One of those features is Simulated DNS Load Balancing. This feature offers improved testing accuracy over previous versions of Load Tester.
This feature is designed for systems which may use DNS to alias a single hostname to many different IP addresses, allowing the DNS system to provide load balancing. This works effectively when the users or load engines greatly outnumber the number of servers, and are well distributed and not in a common location. For users that wish to test their system … Continue reading »


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