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Introducing the OkHttp extension for MuseIDE

The Muse Test Framework is designed around extensibility – and specifically around the ease of adding new types of steps and value sources. The intent was to make it easy for 3rd parties to add new abilities to the framework and have those abilities seamlessly integrated into the MuseIDE without much effort. This made it a natural choice for us when looking to develop new load testing capabilities beyond our current tools such as Load Tester.
This first version of the OkHttp extension is very simple – almost embarassingly so. It provides just a handful of new capabilties:

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How Much Bandwidth Do You Need To Do a Load Test?

One of the common questions people are interested in is finding out how much a test is going to cost. There are a lot of factors that go into this equation, such as getting an appropriately sized testing license, configuring a test server environment, reserving hardware for Load Engines, and bandwidth costs between the Load Engines and the content delivery servers (such as a CDN or origin servers). Let’s take a look at just how we might calculate the bandwidth charges that are involved in a single test.
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Load Testing Anti-Patterns: Building the Perfect Test

We run into a wide variety of customers who need load testing software and/or services. While many are working their way through the process on-the-fly, others have toiled long and hard to develop a thorough testing plan, complete with detailed descriptions of exactly how the load test should be performed. On occasion, this testing plan is incredibly specific – detailing exactly how many users should be doing this or doing that, exactly how many users should click a button at the same time, exactly which search result the user should follow, etc.
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