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Selenium WebDriver Load Testing

Create the most realistic load tests possible, controlling thousands of real browsers from a single workstation using Selenium WebDriver.

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Real Browsers with Selenium WebDriver

Load Tester uses Selenium WebDriver to remotely control actual browsers and measure the render time experienced by real users.

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Render Time

Virtual browser-based testing systems can only measure how long it takes to transfer bytes. Load Tester RB™ on the other hand can measure exactly how it takes before the user sees the page.

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Think Time

The time users spend reading pages or inputing data is automatically configured during real browser recordings. Or you can do spot or global edits until the think times are exactly what you want.

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Change Resistant

Test case maintenance is one of the major costs in running a testing program. Real browser test cases are much more resilient to changes in web page design, and require much less maintenance.

Visual Recorder and Debugger

A powerful browser recorder, visual editor and debugger all give you point-and-click test script configuration. It automatically analyzes the browser context and configures dozens of Selenium WebDriver settings for you.

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Custom WebDriver Javascript

You're not locked into canned behavior: access WebDriver directly to extend functionality.

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Data Driven Testing

Everything the user types in can be customized for testing, such as user names, passwords, and all data fields.

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Automatic Error Detection

Load Tester automatically alerts you when the web page doesn't contain the required content.

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Run Your Tests. Repeat.

Years of experience has been incorporated into Load Tester test running. Tests automatically and deftly handle many server and client variables – firewalls, load balancing and cookies just work. And you can run realistic load tests as soon as you finish installing.

Cloud Load Generation

At the push of a button you can generate load from outside your network to test the entire application stack, including the firewall.

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Auto-Scaling Server Support

If your server setup is dynamic (e.g., spinning up new instances under heavy load), Load Tester will recognize the change and test appropriately.

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Firewall Support

Many firewall configurations are supported.

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Internal Load Generation

Generate large loads by configuring multiple load generators in your internal lab, and its all included in the license price.

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Scheduled Tests

Load tests don't need a baby sitter. Easily schedule load tests to run in off-hours.

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Server Monitoring

Learn exactly why performance is degrading under load with the Server Monitoring add-on.

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Comprehensive Reports

Turn data into understanding with Load Tester reports. The Executive Summary and Performance Goals sections explicitly summarize the pages that need troubleshooting, in an easy-to-read checklist. And every bit of data is charted for additional analysis.

Measure Render Time

While virtual browsers can only measure load time, real browsers can measure the time it takes for the entire page or part of a page to be visible to user.

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Advanced Metrics

Any load testing tool will report the page load time. Load Tester goes far beyond this simple view of web performance, recording 15 metrics for every page and 20 for every transaction in the test.

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How Many Users Analysis

User capacity analysis clearly measures your site's capacity based on either simple goals or complicated Service Level Agreements (SLA). The user capacity overview helps you easily see how many users your site can handle.

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Performance Goals (SLA)

Interpreting Load Tester reports is easy. You can find out, in an easy-to-read checklist, exactly which pages failed your specified performance goals at each level of users.

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Visual Page Comparison

Load Tester makes it easy to see what the user saw. Compare what the Virtual User sees with a recorded view of the page.

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Handle Modern Web Technology

The modern web is more complicated than single page loads. If your web product uses AJAX requests or responds with JSON data, you can trust Load Tester to react correctly and continue giving you the most accurate performance measurements.


With real browser load testing AJAX calls are automatically generated from the browser. The test case measures exactly how long it takes for the user to see the results, something that is impossible with HTTP-based load testing tools.


With real browsers it's not necessarily to parse communication protocols, as they are automatically handled by the browser.

Web Services

With real browsers the application servers can be tested by driving the entire stack from the browser on down. If you want to communicate directly with the web server, however, HTTP-based virtual browsers must be used.


Since real browser test scripts work by clicking and typing just as a real user, the javascript is executed correctly with no extra effort.

Extensive Platform Support

Our goal is to make load testing as easy as possible. That's why we support many popular and varied web platforms and user devices. Load Tester is made to work with the technologies you already use.


Load Tester works great with the Microsoft technologies stack.

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Apache is one of the most popular web servers in the world. Load Tester works great with Apache.

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Drupal is a popular content management system built with PHP. Load Tester works great with Drupal.

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DynaTrace is an advanced profiling tool. Integration is available as a Load Tester add-on.

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Load Tester supports testing over IPv6.

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Load Tester supports the popular Java programming language.

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Mobile (Android/iOS)

Mobile devices are on the rise. Load Tester accurately simulates the unique aspects of mobile browsers – like socket connections and caching behavior.

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Load Tester supports the popular PHP programming language.

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