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Thousands of websites in every industry have tested the most complicated websites from the cloud with up to millions of virtual users with our load testing and functional testing tools.

Still others have hired our functional and load testing services team to make sure their websites hit their functional and performance goals.

Prices start at only $420 for a month of unlimited load testing.

Web Testing Services

Your very own functional or load testing engineer

Load Testing

Functional Testing

API Testing


Our load testers have years of experience in software engineering and systems administration. Find out how many users your website can handle and what you can do to increase capacity.

Our functional testers are experienced programmers who can do everything from set up your test harness to knocking out a complete automated test suite that will integrate into your DevOps environment.

Behind every well performing website is a well performing API. Make sure your APIs are working and have good scalability with automated API tests.

Shorten your deadlines by having us train your staff on the quickest way to write automated tests. Don't wasting days googling how to write XPATH detectors, let us show you how.

Open Source IDE for Selenium

Create complicated Selenium scripts with no coding

Building maintainable tests is easy with its flexible, extensible design that integrates into your CI environment.
Advanced features like single source locators means your tests are finished quicker.
Write useful code snippets and share them with your team.

Switch to an industrial strength Selenium IDE

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Load Testing Tools for the Desktop

Free up to 50 Concurrent Users!

Manage and organize test cases and test data, and track results over time
Choose whether to test with thousands of cloud-generated simulated users– or just run a test locally
Build test cases by recording browser interactions and them editing them in a GUI

Software runs on all platforms and has no restrictions

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A load testing tool that gets answers

How many users can our website handle?

Our simulated users are the most accurate in the business and can scale up to 1,000,000 concurrent users.

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Does my site load quickly on mobile devices?

Find out what happens when millions of mobile users hit your site.

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Are our web servers configured correctly for the best performance?

We've tested which combinations of web server settings give the best performance for your exact configuration.

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Is your database code a bottleneck?

Our DB report can show you the SQL statements you need to optimize.

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Which lines of Java/.NET/PHP/Ruby/AJAX/JavaScript are causing our performance problems?

Even if you use multiple web platforms and languages we have tools to help you.

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How fast is our website to customers around the world?

Our cloud tools can tell you which users are waiting so you can optimize your server placement strategy.

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Uses statistics to analyze how many users your website can handle
Data analysis of HTTP stream predicts bandwidth requirements
The errors section gives detailed information about each error, including webpage screenshots

Whether consulting or apps, our reports are clear

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Our experienced performance engineers have tuned hundreds of systems for companies large and small, and know just where to look, saving you time to market and money. We'll run your website through a complete performance evaluation, then tell you exactly how many users your site can support, including such important details as the effects of "the last mile." We'll also pinpoint potential problem areas and give you a full report detailing what needs to be fixed and where.

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When a test isn't working it can hold up the entire development schedule. Let us help make your testers much more productive.

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