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How User Ramping Works – Part Two

In part 1 of How User Ramping Works, we discussed how to set up a user ramp configuration for a test.  When you’ve done that, recorded and replayed your test cases to perfection, loaded your datasets, configured your load engines, and set up your server agents, what actually happens when you push the big green button?
The first thing Load Tester does is go through a setup sequence that configures the load engines for the coming test.  This can take a while, especially if you’ve configured large datasets or large numbers of files to be … Continue reading »

How User Ramping Works – Part One

How we add new virtual users to a test can be confusing when you’re first starting out with Load Tester, and sometimes can result in tests that do not ramp up to the number of users you expect or otherwise behave strangely.

Virtual User Calculators

Customers frequently ask us for help deciding how many virtual users they need for their load tests. We have a number of formulas for calculating this, depending on what information the customer has available. Last weekend I built online calculators for a few of the more popular variations. Give them a try!
If these don’t apply to the data you have available, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you calculate the number of simulated users required for your specific needs!


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