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Accelerating the web for 25 years

Web Performance, Inc was founded in 1999 by web technology experts who saw a growing demand for easy-to-use web testing software for projects of all sizes, especially during early development stages.

We are a company of engineers and technologists who build easy-to-use advanced technology tools for our peers. Beyond product, though, is a deep pool of expertise and service. While other companies are often merely sales teams for outsourced software, our engineers work directly with our customers, and we use those experiences to enhance and constantly improve our software and services.

We are guided by the following principles:

All information is on our website

Many software companies hide their demos and white papers behind lead collection forms that are are fed to rooms full of salesman who call and email you constantly. Everything we have: white papers, the free demos, extensive research reports, price lists, are all available to you directly, and you'll never have to type in your email address to get it.

Open sales model

We literally have no sales staff-- if you call for product information you'll talk to an experienced engineer whose only interest is helping you solve your performance problems. No meaningless acronyms, no time-wasting sales strategies, and no commissions. Our technical staff talks directly with our customers, which strengthens our customer relationships while providing valuable feedback we use to make our products and services better.

Software should be a pleasure to use

We believe that software should be intuitive, transparent and offer a depth of features that reveal themselves naturally as you learn more about the subject and application.



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