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Test More. Code Less.

A Visual Builder for Automated Website Tests

MuseIDE is an innovative new IDE for building Selenium tests without coding. Building maintainable tests is easy with its flexible, extensible design. And those tests don't live on an island - they are easily integrated into your CI environment. But like many open-source tools, who do you call when you have questions that need answers NOW? Or when a missing feature or bug has your project at a halt? Web Performance offers professional support by email or phone, with direct access to the lead MuseIDE developer.

Real Browsers

MuseIDE uses Selenium WebDriver to remotely control actual browsers and measure the render time experienced by real users.

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Advanced Logic

Every app is different. Testing one app requires complex looping logic, while others require complex validation or unique conditional operations. Muse can support them all!

Visual Test Editor and debugger

A powerful visual editor gives you point-and-click tools for building tests.

Data Driven Testing

Just about anything can be parameterized, including user inputs, validators, and element locators. For example, everything the user types in can be customized for testing, such as user names, passwords, and all data fields and validators can be customized to look for correct content based on user input.

User-defined Functions

Write once, use everywhere. Improve test reliability and reduce maintenance cost by re-using common logic in multiple tests.

Interative Debugging

The elegant test-construction GUI makes it easy to improve and extend tests, even while you are debugging them.


No tool can anticipate the need of every app, so Muse is easy to extend. With just a few lines of Java or Javascript, new capabilities can be added to your project, with seamless integration into the IDE.

Single-source Locators

Define your element locators once for a page (or the entire app) and reference them wherever needed. When the app changes? Only one place to update!

Comand-line Integration

Jenkins? Buildbot? Travis CI? If it executes command-line operations, it can run Muse tests. Or maybe you just like working from the command-line? Run tests, test suites, access help or open the GUI editors all from the command line

Import from SeleniumIDE

Have SeleniumIDE tests that you need to bring with you? Convert your SeleniumIDE tests to Muse tests in a snap!

Built on Open Source

MuseIDE is built on the open-source Selenium/WebDriver and Muse frameworks. Within the Muse community, custom extensions can be easily shared and integrated into your projects.

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