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Load Testing for the 2017 Eclipse

It has been 99 years since a solar eclipse has crossed the entire continental US, coast-to-coast. 14 states will be treated to 2½ minutes of total darkness by the August 2017 eclipse. I remember watching the partial solar eclipse of February 1979 in my school playground. I am (obviously) a little bit of a science geek, so when I got the assignment to load test the Eclipse Live 2017 site, I was excited. Besides the prestige, it’s really fun to be associated with a project that will be seen by millions, even in a minor role.

NASA hosts much of … Continue reading »

Load Testing with IPv6 and the RackSpace Cloud

Over in this post, I showed how easy it is to configure IPv6 load testing in Load Tester — it’s all very easy with the possible exception of this part: “you need a load engine with IPv6 connectivity”. If you don’t have IPv6 connectivity from your location with sufficient bandwidth for testing or you need to test from another location, then you will access to a load generator (we call them load engines) with an IPv6 connection. Surprisingly, this can still be a challenge. Indeed, I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that our own cloud engines don’t support IPv6 … Continue reading »

Load testing a website with IPv6 traffic

Are your apps ready for IPv6 users? Many organizations have started to support access to their applications via IPv6 addresses, and along with that comes the need to include IPv6 traffic in the load test plan. Indeed, we recently tested our customer portal to be sure it was accessible via IPv6 (it is – the application is deployed on Google’s AppEngine infrastructure, which includes IPv6 accessibility baked-in).
Of course, before you get to load testing, you should start with a basic connectivity check to ensure your website is accessible from IPv6 routes – you can use a tool such as … Continue reading »

Testing Auto-Scaling Servers with Load Tester 5.1

One of the easiest ways to create a system that keeps up with sudden increases in demand is to use auto-scaling systems offered by many cloud providers. The concept of bringing new systems online to handle demand is nothing new: this has also been used by CDNs for years to replicate high demand data to edge locations. Testing this type of system, however, can become more challenging when the auto-scaling relies on updating DNS records in order to route new users to new servers.
In Load Tester 5.0 and earlier, Load Tester could be set to Continue reading »

How much bandwidth can we expect from cloud engines during a load test?

I got into a discussion in the Performance Testing group on LinkedIn which raised a question that we had answered internally, but had neglected to share with our customers – how much bandwidth do our cloud engines have available?
Before I proceed, I must make this disclaimer: our cloud engines run on Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure, so the rules that apply there also apply to our cloud engines. Amazon does not make any guarantees for bandwidth, so anytime your test results look suspicious, we recommend doing a quick bandwidth test. Note that there is a Bandwidth Test wizard in Load … Continue reading »

Tips for Successfully Testing from the Cloud

With Load Tester 4, we’ve made it easy to harness Amazon’s power for Load Engines quickly and inexpensively. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics, here are a few rules of thumb:
1. Get to know the Amazon EC2 Console . The console will quickly tell you what instances you have running – and subsequently what you are getting billed for.

Note that the console shows you only data for a selected region, so you should check each region separately. Load Tester will automatically prompt you after a test and before shutting down Load Tester if you have running engines … Continue reading »

Interview with Lawrence Nuanez of ProtoTest

ProtoTest, provider of consulting services in specialized software quality and test projects, uses Load Tester to help their clients determine how many users their websites can handle. I spoke with Lawrence Nuanez, Senior Consultant, to find out more.


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