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Introducing the OkHttp extension for MuseIDE

The Muse Test Framework is designed around extensibility – and specifically around the ease of adding new types of steps and value sources. The intent was to make it easy for 3rd parties to add new abilities to the framework and have those abilities seamlessly integrated into the MuseIDE without much effort. This made it a natural choice for us when looking to develop new load testing capabilities beyond our current tools such as Load Tester.
This first version of the OkHttp extension is very simple – almost embarassingly so. It provides just a handful of new capabilties:

Create … Continue reading »

Case study: Lenox Finds a Baseline in the Cloud

For Lenox, makers of fine china and crystal, e-commerce has been an important aspect of the business for over ten years. When Lynch needed to test the Lenox website user capacity on short notice, Load Tester was the right tool for the job. It offered the features and flexibility to build complex, realistic test cases and identify performance bottlenecks. Read more about their experience.

Load Testing Fallacies: The Test Scenarios Must Be Completely Accurate

Last time, I talked about why it is ok to start testing early in the development process. I’m going to continue that thought process to discuss load testing without complete performance requirements.  This Load Testing 101 article says “If the real end user is going to do work with your application in a totally different way than you test you are as good as with no testing at all.” While there is a nugget of truth hidden in there, it is easy to take away the wrong understanding.
One interpretation of that statement would be that “you must have … Continue reading »

Virtual User Calculators

Customers frequently ask us for help deciding how many virtual users they need for their load tests. We have a number of formulas for calculating this, depending on what information the customer has available. Last weekend I built online calculators for a few of the more popular variations. Give them a try!
If these don’t apply to the data you have available, contact us and we’ll be happy to help you calculate the number of simulated users required for your specific needs!

Load Tester improvement – better success and fail metrics

Previous versions of Load Tester had 2 metrics describing the success or failure of a web page (or single transaction) during a load test: Repeats and Errors. A Repeat was counted any time a valid HTTP response was received from the server. Errors, however, were a bit more complex. Errors could occur at any point in the transaction, from establishing a connection to post-response validation. An error was counted if the connection was terminated in the middle of a transaction. It was also counted if the status code from the server indicated a failure (e.g. a 500 status). Validators record … Continue reading »


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