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Custom Extractors in Web Performance Load Tester

This tutorial will outline the steps to configure a custom extractor in Load Tester.  Extractors are used to recognize small pieces of data in your application and apply them to future transactions within a test case.

Keeping Your Load Testing Cases Current (How To)

Maybe you’ve just finished your first crack at testing, handed some results up to the development team, and are just got a note that the dev team has revamped the site in preparation for the next test. Or maybe you completed testing last month and are ready to retest the site against any regressions. Are all the testcases setup from the last round of testing still going to work? Are you going to have to create all new testcases? Here are a few quick ways to find out:
1. Run a replay with your existing testcases. If the replay fails … Continue reading »

How-To: Dynamic Field Names and Multi-Variable Extractors

You’re recording test cases, configuring them, replaying them, and running load tests.  One day, you attempt to test a new web application.  However, every time you attempt to run a replay, the replay throws an extractor error; it is unable to find a field in the page content of the replay to extract.  ASM configured this field automatically, so why isn’t it working?  You look at the replay content … and the field name isn’t there.
The usual culprit that causes this problem is a dynamic field name: a variable in a dynamic web page that not only changes in value, … Continue reading »


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