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Load Tester PRO™ 5.1 Released

Fast on the heels of the initial 5.0 PRO release, 5.1 is a major upgrade that includes support for mobile load testing, a completely resigned load test design and control system, improved support for dynamically scalable websites, Internet Explorer 10 support, and portal license manager integration.
Mobile Load Testing
The increasing web traffic from mobile devices has been noticed for years, but how much does it really effect a website? A recent study shows that 7% of web traffic is from mobile devices, which includes both phones and tablets. Because these devices use different browsers, and sometimes access different versions of a … Continue reading »

Spinout at the Carolina Motor Park

Nineteen cars started on Saturday, and Jason finished 3rd in a very boring race (after
the first lap he basically drove solo laps the whole time). So on
Sunday the top three finishers decided to skip qualifying entirely and
start at the back of the pack just to make things more exciting.
Unfortunately he got spun around while passing a slower car (at the 35second mark) on the
opening lap which put him dead last plus about a 20 second gap.
Fortunately he was able to make up some time and ended up seventh.
It was nearly sixth but for an out of class car got … Continue reading »

Going to the Velocity Conference in June? Save 20%

The Velocity Conference is the biggest and best web performance event in the field, and completely eclipses the testing conferences that add in performance as an afterthought. Well, if truth be told its the only conference entirely on the subject, but that’s besides the point. The others might have a separate performance track, while this entire conference is devoted to building, testing, and operating high volume sites.
We’re a media partner this year, so if you’re thinking of attending be sure to use this 20% discount code: WEBPER. … Continue reading »

2012 Racing Season Starts with a Crash

The 2012 car racing season got off to shaky start for our intrepid SpecE30 car and driver. The driver, Jason Tower, is still not back 100% after surgery to repair a torn ligament in his hand, but none-the-less headed to the Virginia International Raceway to try his luck at a weekend of SpecE30 racing.
The first race on Saturday was a disaster after a series of mishaps:
“… a car went off in turn 3 on the first lap which summoned the
emergency vehicles to the spot. The next time around another car
failed to see the yellow flag, … Continue reading »

3 Podium Finishes for the Web Performance Race Car

Web Performance is one of the sponsors, along with OpenNMS, of Jason Tower in his Spec E30 race car for 2010 and 2011. He’s consistently made progress as a driver, so that by the end of the season he was able to place third in all three races in October’s Great Pumpkin Run at the Carolina Motorsports Park!
A video of the first race is below, along with Jason’s blow-by-blow description:
“Saturday qualifying was smooth except for a GTS4 car that spun, I nabbed 5th of 17 cars with only a tenth of a second separating P3 and P5. … Continue reading »

Site outage report for 27-28 October, 2011

As many of our customers have noticed, the Web Performance website was unavailable for most of the day on Thursday, October 27th. Much of the site was functional mid-day on Friday, but the support system remained inaccessible throughout the day.
Over the weekend all functionality has been restored and we believe that no data has been lost. However, if you have not received a response to any inquiries via e-mail, our contact form, or our support system, please contact us again so that we may both answer your inquiry and investigate the data loss.
Earlier in the week we experienced a hard … Continue reading »

Web Performance Race Car Wins BMWCCA Enduro at Road Atlanta!

Jason Tower pulled off TWO first place wins in September at Road Atlanta, both in strenuous ~90 minute enduro races that push both man and car to the limit. His previous races all season have been sprints, short races where you go all out for a short period of time. Enduros require the use of some strategy and pacing since it adds refueling and pit stops into the mix. All of us here at Web Performance, Inc. are proud of the progress he’s made all season, and its now showing up in not one, but TWO first place … Continue reading »

Web Performance Race Car Takes Third at the Charlotte Motor Speedway

The Charlotte Motor Speedway is perhaps better known for NASCAR, but recently it was host to the Web Performance car in the Spec E30 NASA Firecracker Run on July 2, 2010 where our where our rookie driver Jason Tower finished third for his first podium finish!
The two heat series started off on the right foot with Jason qualifying for second place, putting him on the front row for pacing before the green flag is thrown. The whole point of a spec class in the cars are as identical as possible, so this course is particularly interesting … Continue reading »

How to Get Your First and Second Jobs in the Tech Industry

First, this blog post is just my opinion based on my hiring experiences. Other hiring managers are sure to have other priorities, so take this advice with a grain of salt and use what you can. As a bit of background, I graduated in 1987 with an BSEE from The Ohio State University, and over the years have interviewed many job candidates, either directly hiring or giving my opinions on dozens of entry-level and senior candidates for programming, systems administration, and other positions. What this did is give me the opportunity to see correlations between how candidates presented themselves … Continue reading »

Velocity Web Performance Conference 2010 Day Two

Static vs. Dynamic Web Performance
Last week I attended Oreilly’s Velocity Conference in San Jose, the only conference solely dedicated to the subject of website performance and testing. It was sold out for the first time; many of the presentations were standing room only and I was unable to get a room at the hotel.
One distinction that I was disappointed that was overlooked is the difference between static and dynamic web performance. All of the performance issues in the presentations I heard were all related to static web page performance, which is how long a web page takes … Continue reading »


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