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Load Testing Mobile Websites for Android

Load Testing a mobile website has a few key differences from testing the full desktop-oriented version of a website. In this article, I will review those differences and show you how to use Load Tester to create testcases using the stock browser on Android 4 / ICS (the Ice-Cream Sandwich release).
This article does not cover the entire load testing process – I recommend checking out our videos and tutorials for more information on using Load Tester to run and analyze load tests.
Before I jump in, I want to give a quick introduction on how a load test is … Continue reading »

iPad or iPhone iOS Load Testing

With the rapid growth of tablets and smart phone purchases, the popularity of mobile browsers have increased significantly.  Our own site has seen an increase in mobile traffic from 0.2% of two years ago, to 2.5% mobile traffic today.  Due to the increase in popularity of mobile browsers, it is becoming essential to test the performance of your website on a mobile device as well.
Web Performance Load Tester records all the HTTP traffic between the browser and server through a transparent proxy, this allows for Load Tester to be flexible with the types of browsers that can be emulated during a … Continue reading »

Safari on New iPad 18% Faster than iPad 2

Thinking about getting the latest new iPad? One of the main activities for the iPad is web browsing, so we thought it would be fun to see how all three iPad models stacked up in the web page load time race.
Which Web Pages? These websites were picked for no particular reason other than we use them regularly and are likely representative of the browsing habits of a large number of our readers.
Static vs. Real-World Testing
Typically browser performance is reported by running static benchmark tests that measure in a highly controlled way with few variables. Unfortunately, when you or I … Continue reading »


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