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Business Impacts of Performance

One of the opening sessions of the Velocity 2009 conference was a joint session with engineers from Microsoft Live Search (Bing) and Google Search…yes, they were together on the same stage :>
Both organizations wanted to measure the effects of performance on the business – i.e. on revenue. Revenue for search sites is based on the number of searches and on the number of clicks on results. Both of the search giants have experimentation platforms which allow them to send a small portion of real users to a different version of the search platform, where they can modify the user experience … Continue reading »

Web Performance, Inc. Releases Safari 4 Browser Performance Research Reports

Durham, NC (PRWEB) – Once again Apple is claiming the superiority of its Safari web browser, and once again Web Performance, Inc. (WPI) is testing that claim. WPI used its industry-leading Web performance web load and stress testing software to evaluate Safari’s performance in real time.
WPI tested Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), and Chrome 1, using Firefox 3.0 as a baseline. They tested all of the browsers on the top 15 most popular sites as ranked by as of February 3, 2009. Sites included Facebook, Google, eBay, craigslist, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. The real-time measurements were taken for both … Continue reading »

Instant Load Generator Automates Massive Load Tests

Durham, N.C. — Simulating very large numbers of users accessing a website just got much easier with the release of the Instant Load Engine™ from Web Performance, Inc. Companies that rely on their websites to handle thousands of customers at a time know the value of testing to insure their site’s performance and reliability, but the testing process often incurs long delays as the testing software is installed on up to hundreds of computers. For example, generating 50,000 simultaneous users could require anywhere from 40 to 100 computers to be individually configured and calibrated.

Web Performance, Inc. Releases Safari Browser Performance Research Reports

Durham, NC (PRWEB) — Web Performance, Inc. (WPI), the creator of industry-leading Web performance web load and stress testing software, releases its latest investigative research report on Apple’s Safari Web browser. In response to Apple’s claims that its recently released Windows version of the Safari Web browser was the “fastest browser on Windows,” WPI put these claims to test.

Tomcat Performance Best on Linux

Durham, N.C. (PRWEB) – Web Performance, Inc. announces the release of two articles describing how the performance of the popular open source application server Tomcat differs on Windows and Linux.


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