Web Performance, Inc. Releases Safari 4 Browser Performance Research Reports

Durham, NC (PRWEB) – Once again Apple is claiming the superiority of its Safari web browser, and once again Web Performance, Inc. (WPI) is testing that claim. WPI used its industry-leading Web performance web load and stress testing software to evaluate Safari’s performance in real time.

WPI tested Safari 4, Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), and Chrome 1, using Firefox 3.0 as a baseline. They tested all of the browsers on the top 15 most popular sites as ranked by as of February 3, 2009. Sites included Facebook, Google, eBay, craigslist, Yahoo, and Wikipedia. The real-time measurements were taken for both cached and uncached page loading using WPI’s free Web Performance Analyzer software.

Unlike the results in 2007, Safari 4 was not as impressive this time around. It did not live up to Apple’s claims to load pages “three times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and almost three times faster than Firefox 3.” For both a first-time page load, where information is not cached, and a cached load, Safari 4 was less than one second faster than Firefox 3 and was slower than the other two new generation browsers. Sorry, Apple.

Read the full report.

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