Web Performance, Inc. Releases Safari Browser Performance Research Reports

Durham, NC (PRWEB) — Web Performance, Inc. (WPI), the creator of industry-leading Web performance web load and stress testing software, releases its latest investigative research report on Apple’s Safari Web browser. In response to Apple’s claims that its recently released Windows version of the Safari Web browser was the “fastest browser on Windows,” WPI put these claims to test.


“Since Apple based these performance claims on canned benchmarks, we were interested to test Safari’s actual performance on real Web sites,” explained Michael Czeiszperger, WPI.

WPI tested the Safari browser on the top 16 most popular sites as ranked by Alexa as of August 29, 2007. These included such favorites as Yahoo, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Facebook. The measurements were taken using WPI’s free Web Performance Analyzer software, and took both cached and uncached performance into account.

The results of the investigation largely confirmed Apple’s Safari claims, at least in regard to accessing a Web page for the first time.  When Web page content was not cached, as in the case of a first page load, Windows Safari 3 beta averaged 1.7 times faster load times as compared to Firefox 2 and 1.4 times faster performance than Internet Explorer 7. In absolute terms, the average Web page loaded 1.4 seconds faster in Safari 3 than Firefox 2 and 1.1 seconds faster than Internet Explorer 7. These results may or may not be noticeable, depending on the individual.

WPI found the performance results for cached websites to be less impressive. Comparisons between browsers showed only a .2 second different in load time between the browsers in favor of Safari.  While Windows Safari 3 proved to be the fastest browser, WPI found the difference to be hardly noticeable in actual usage.

Read the full report.

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