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Interview with Lawrence Nuanez of ProtoTest

ProtoTest, provider of consulting services in specialized software quality and test projects, uses Load Tester to help their clients determine how many users their websites can handle. I spoke with Lawrence Nuanez, Senior Consultant, to find out more.

Push-button load testing inside the cloud means success for eArcu

Push-button load testing inside the cloud means success for eArcu

Business Impacts of Performance

One of the opening sessions of the Velocity 2009 conference was a joint session with engineers from Microsoft Live Search (Bing) and Google Search…yes, they were together on the same stage :>
Both organizations wanted to measure the effects of performance on the business – i.e. on revenue. Revenue for search sites is based on the number of searches and on the number of clicks on results. Both of the search giants have experimentation platforms which allow them to send a small portion of real users to a different version of the search platform, where they can modify the user experience … Continue reading »

Load Testing Services Case Study: Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Fortunately, Mammoth Mountain’s team was prepared and was already working on an updated version of the site that enabled them to make a number of performance enhancements. They put that version of the site into production, and WPI tested again against the new version of the site. The updated version performed much better, easily meeting Mammoth Mountain’s performance goals.

Web Performance, Inc. Helps Massage Envy Scale for the Holiday Season

Load testing quickly locates source of CPU overload, providing maximum capacity for busy holiday season on schedule to maximum capacity.
Durham, NC – March 23, 2009 – As Massage Envy prepared for a record of online gift card sales its agency, The Lavidge Company, worked with Web Performance, Inc. (WPI) to load test the environment so it could meet demand. Web Performance worked with the agency and found ways of increasing the number of concurrent users each Web server could handle allowing each server to handle 4x more traffic.
Using its Web Performance Load Tester application, WPI began … Continue reading »

Web Performance, Inc. Works Out Kinks in Massage Envy Website Prior to Launch

Durham, NC – March 23, 2009 – Days before launching its new website and online reservation system, Massage Envy and its development partners ran into a snag: The site couldn’t meet its performance goal of 150 concurrent users. The site’s developers called in Web Performance, Inc. (WPI), whose initial performance tests showed the site could only support 34 simultaneous users.
Using its Web Performance Load Tester application, WPI began systematically testing various components of the system, quickly locating a key section of code that wasn’t scaling properly.
“Without performing a load test, Massage Envy wouldn’t have seen this
problem until the site went … Continue reading »

Web Performance, Inc Boosts SHRM Website Capacity by 2,000 Percent in Time for Launch

Society for Human Resources Management website able to service its 250,000 members while introducing potential savings of $200,000.
Durham, NC – February 19, 2009 – The new Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) website was recently given a huge capacity boost in time for its unveiling, enabling the site to handle large amounts of traffic from its 250,000 members. Web Performance, Inc., (WPI) developers of industry-leading Web Performance Load Tester™ software, increased the site’s capacity from 100 to 2000 users, and reduced server requirements to less than 25% CPU utilization, eliminating two servers altogether and reducing potential software license expenses by … Continue reading »

French Social Security Administration Chooses Web Performance Over Open Source

Durham, NC – The Caisse Nationale d’Asurance Vieillesse (CNAV) is the French-equivalent of the Social Security Administration in the US, responsible for managing millions of pensions. After becoming disillusioned with the length of time it took to do a performance evaluation using the open source program OpenSTA, they evaluated the top seven commercial load testing solutions and chose Web Performance Load Tester™ because its "no scripting" approach cut their testing cycle to 1/4 to 1/5 of its previous time.

Spotlight on Europe

(Translated from the French.)
Founded in 2000, KAPITEC SOFTWARE SAS is based in Toulouse, France. The
mission of the company consists in providing the best software tools to
boost the development, the test and the deployment of e-business
applications (Java and Web).


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