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Spotlight on Europe

(Translated from the French.)

Founded in 2000, KAPITEC SOFTWARE SAS is based in Toulouse, France. The
mission of the company consists in providing the best software tools to
boost the development, the test and the deployment of e-business
applications (Java and Web).

KAPITEC SOFTWARE has been the first reseller of Web Performance Trainer™,
starting in the year 2000. According to Sandrine Boarqueiro-Verdun:
"Early we saw that it was very important to have the right tools to develop
professional applications, but once an application is developped the work is
far from being completed. To have the application to be a success, it’s
essential to test the load before it’s available. And Web Performance
Trainer is an excellent software tool to simulate the load capacity of a Web
application. In addition, it is an affordable software tool, thus any
company (of all sizes) is able to afford a professional and user-friendly
tool such as Web Performance Trainer™."

KAPITEC SOFTWARE also provides consulting services and training courses to
help the Web Performance Trainer users to carry out their test campaigns
under the best conditions.

KAPITEC’s clients include some of the most successful and well known companies in Europe, including:

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