Interview with Lawrence Nuanez of ProtoTest - Web Performance

Interview with Lawrence Nuanez of ProtoTest

ProtoTest, provider of consulting services in specialized software quality and test projects, uses Load Tester to help their clients determine how many users their websites can handle. I spoke with Lawrence Nuanez, Senior Consultant, to find out more.

MW: What made you choose Load Tester at ProtoTest?

LN: We’re always looking for new tools that work better for our clients. The technology is always evolving and getting faster. I was quite encouraged and happy to come across Web Performance. We were getting tired of using open source tools that were not reliable enough, and the big names were too expensive for what you get. Load Tester is my favorite for load testing. There isn’t a better tool out there.

MW: Tell us about how you use Load Tester for your clients.

LN: Load Tester is the most used tool in our consulting practice. Our clients are all different, but a lot of them are doing cutting edge development, so we get a lot of difficult testing challenges. Load Tester works very well for testing cutting edge development, such as AJAX or rich media. It’s very flexible, and I’m always surprised by how well it works out of the box on most applications. The automation really saves time.

MW: Do you use the new cloud engine feature?

LN: Yes, we’ve used the cloud engine feature extensively, and even helped Web Performance with feedback early in their development process. It’s very slick and easy to use. With the new cloud engine feature, our clients can reduce their hardware cost to next to nothing.

MW: Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us!

Maria Winslow

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