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Push-button load testing inside the cloud means success for eArcu

Even though I’ve configured lots of physical and virtual computers before, there’s still something exciting about pushing a button and watching dozens of web load generating computers being started in the cloud. What used to take us 20-30 minutes per computer is now being accomplished in a minute or two with Load Tester™ 4, saving our services team a huge amount of time.

It’s one thing to use this internally, but its quite another to see what our customers can do with it. Nick Wiechers had recently purchased Load Tester™ 4 for eArcu and needed to test a new web application. eArcu was predicting quite a high load, and they needed to to test the suitability of their infrastructure to scale. Wiechers liked the ability to test outside his network with the Amazon cloud because he didn’t want his own bandwidth limitations to interfere with the testing.

Wiechers initially had trouble getting the Amazon security policy set correctly, but Chris Merrill, Chief Engineer of Web Performance, personally handled his support issue. It’s a one-time configuration – once it’s set up correctly, it just works. A small revision made sure that future customers wouldn’t run into a complication.

Our new cloud feature helped Wiechers test his web application for the anticipated high load without having to worry about his network infrastructure getting in the way, and without having to set up any load generating engines. And he’s a happy customer. “I’ve used previous versions of Load Tester at other companies, so I was already familiar with the product. The cloud testing feature in 4.0 was a good match for my needs with this project, and it does the job well.”

If you’ve used the new cloud feature please drop me a line and let me know how it went.

Michael Czeiszperger
Founder and CEO

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19 February 2010 mwinslow

See Nick’s experience in his own words here: http://wni-sec.blogspot.com/2010/02/clever-cloud-computing.html .

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