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Load Tester PRO 5.3 Released

Web Performance Inc is proud to release Load Tester PRO/LITE 5.3, which focuses on usability. The biggest change you’ll notice is the completely redesigned test case table, with inline editing, undo, drag and drop, multi-select, and new replay layout. Drag and drop works with either individual transactions or entire web pages, and as you play with the new widget notice details such as inline editing and customizable table columns. Select a series of web pages or transactions, and right-click to edit think times or page load time goals. The new table is also customizable; right-click on column header to select which parameters to display.

The new test case editor in Load Tester 5.3.

The new test case editor in Load Tester 5.3.

One cool new thing you can do with the new editor is replace entire URLs with values from a dataset. If you then configure looping on the test case you can generate a dynamic test case from URLs in a text file. Just click on any URL to bring up the editing dialog.

There are also two completely new display modes for test cases. The first is URL-Editor mode, which will display all of the servers found in the test case so you can be aware of which servers were contacted during the recording, and easily change the values to target a different server or servers.

Server Name Display Mode

The second new display mode is the flat URL comparison mode, which flattens out all of the web pages so you can look for individual HTTP requests which are too slow or too large.

Flat Display Mode

On the left-hand side of the application is the familiar navigator view, which has also been re-coded to support cut/copy/paste and multi-select.

If you’ve got a support contract you’ve already been contacted via email to alert you to the upgraded license, which will now install automatically.

Owners of previous Load Tester versions not on a support contract can now log into The Portal and upgrade their licenses by purchasing a support contract.

Please download the latest 5.3 release of Load Tester and let us know what you think.

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