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Script example: Clicking a list of elements

This step clicks a series of elements by executing a series of XPath lookups. If there were 3 elements to click, their XPaths would  be:


There should be at least one element found, so it returns an error if none are found. It uses findElements() instead of findElement() because findElements() does not throw an exception if nothing is found. This makes it easy to catch all other exceptions and report them errors. If it finds more than one element with a single query, then something is wrong with the XPath, so it also reports this as an error.

function execute(context)
    var index = 2;
    var elements = null;
    var num_found = 0;
    while (true)
            var xpath = '//*[@id="surveyQuestions"]/table/tbody/tr[' + index + ']/td[2]/span';
            context.logMessage('looking for ' + xpath);
            elements = context.getDriver().findElements(By.xpath(xpath));
            if (elements.size() === 0)
                break;  // no more to click
            if (elements.size() > 1)
                return "Found " + elements.size() + " elements using XPath: " + xpath;
        catch (error)
            return error.toString();
    if (num_found === 0)
        return "None found!";
    return null;

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