Load Tester RB Upgrade Policy

If you’re an existing Web Performance Load Tester™ customer you may be wondering if the real browser capability will be included in Load Tester 6.0.  Because the real browser technology is so different, Load Tester 6.0 is being released in two different editions:  Load Tester PRO™ for virtual browsers, and Load Tester RB™ for real browsers.

Load Tester PRO 6.0 Upgrades

If you currently own a license for Load Tester PRO™ you’ll be receiving a free upgrade to the 6.0 release, but that release will not include real browser load testing functionality.  If you’re interested in trying out real browsers, Load Tester PRO™ does include the ability to record and play back real browser test cases with a single user.

Upgrading to Load Tester RB

As always, the upgrade policy is to give full credit for previous license purchases.  The prices for Load Tester RB are online now; just let us know if you want an estimate.

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