Velocity Conference – Day 3

A great deal of time at the Velocity Conference has been spent on client-side performance optimization. This encompasses changes to the page structure and sub-elements to speed the delivery of a usable page to the user. Here at Web Performance, we have primarily been concerned with server-side performance – due to our focus on load-testing. Client-side optimization, however, benefits the users even when the server is not under load. It is something that we would like to expend more effort on when working with our clients.

Some of the most common client-side optimization techniques discussed were:

1) Reducing round-trips to the server

2) Reduce the effects of latency

3) Avoid single-threaded browser behaviors

There are now a number of good client-side performance analysis tools available that will analyze and grade your site, as well as recommending ways to fix the problems:

A number of new technologies are on the way in the browser that will help developers do more with javascript while improving performance

IE8 also has a host of new features to boost client-side performance:

Overall, the Velocity conference was a great way to get up to speed on the latest in web performance issues. I’m looking forward to next year :>

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