Load Tester 5.2 Released

Yesterday we released Load Tester 5.2. This release contained a handful of UI improvements intended to improve the experience for first-time users. There are no changes in capabilities for PRO users in this version, so new license keys will not be issued except upon request. Don’t worry – the 5.3 release is coming right on its heels with some big UI improvements that we know all of our users will appreciate!

LITE users, however, will see a very big change in the 5.2 release compared with 5.1. This change both adds and subtracts important features to the LITE version. As a result, we will also not be automatically upgrading 5.1 LITE licenses so that users who are depending on the existing features in 5.1 may continue to use them as long as they need them. Existing users who prefer the new 5.2 features may install the new version and request a new key (through the software) and it will automatically be issued for that version.

Now – what are those major changes? The 5.2 enables a major feature in the LITE version: ASM – Automatic State Management. This feature automatically configures dynamic variables that are used behind the scenes on many websites. As an example, .NET apps frequently use __VIEWSTATE and several related fields to track session as the user moves from page to page. These fields will now be configured automatically by Load Tester’s ASM wizard. Most hidden form fields and query parameters are subject to automatic configuration by ASM. These features enable testing of more complex sites without the complicated and tedious manual configuration required for previous versions of LITE.

The 5.2 release also removes an important feature of the 5.1 LITE release – manually configured fields. This includes human-entered fields, such as logins, search terms, etc. These testcases can only be run in DEMO or PRO modes in the 5.2 and future releases. If these features are important to you, I encourage you to stick with the 5.1 release of Load Tester LITE. This version, however, will not be maintained after the 5.3 release – so to get that feature along with other new improvements, a PRO license will be required.

Simultaneous with this release we are changing the method that LITE users must follow to verify ownership of the public domains they wish to test. The new method should be easier for many users – particularly those with CMS-based sites. Domain ownership can now be verified by simply placing a link to our site on the page template for the site. Our portal (and Load Tester) will look for that link to verify ownership. The exact requirements for that link are found on the Domain Registration page in our portal.

If you have any questions or comments, please raise them here our use our support system.

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