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Maintenance, Support, and Upgrades

New purchases of Load Tester™ come with basic or premium support, all available right in the shopping cart. Note: support is provided during normal business hours only. Support covers normal product operation, but excludes consultation on the interpretation of test results, and excludes actually configuring test cases, both of which which are handled on a consulting basis.

Support Contracts

Feature Lapsed Support Premium Basic Consulting
License Help Yes Yes Yes
New Releases Yes Yes Yes
Support Turnaround Yes Yes24 Hours Yes3 Business Days
Phone Support Yes Yes Yes
Email Support Yes Yes Yes
Test Case Configuration Yes Yes Yes Starts at $1,000US/test case
Results Analysis Yes Yes Yes Starts at $750US
Bug Fixes Yes Yes Yes


Can Support Be Added Later?

Support can be purchased for permament licenses at any time, while software leases are sold with support that is valid through the term of the lease.

How Do I Add Virtual Users?

Yearly licenses can be upgraded to add more virtual users, but monthly licenses can not.

What are some examples of what is NOT covered?

Questions like "why is my server slow" and "how should I configure my webserver" are considered to be out of the scope of a support contract, as they can potentially take days or weeks of work. We also can't write or fix your test cases for you. We can tell you what's wrong, and point you at tutorials to learn the skills you need to configure a test case, but can't actually do it for you. If you'd like us to configure test cases or interpret test cases results please take a look at our services.

Where can I purchase a support contract?

Login to the license manager, and a link to purchase support online will appear next to each of your licenses.

What happens when support expires?

If your Load Tester PRO™ license is permanent, then you can continue to use the product after support expires, but we cannot help you with support questions. If you have a newer lease, than when support runs out the lease is over and you won't be able to use the software anymore.

How to I upgrade my old license for Load Tester™ or Web Performance Trainer™?

The purchase of either Premium or Basic Support includes upgrades from any previous release to the current release.

What is Community Support?

Community support is help from fellow Load Tester PRO™ or LITE™ users. Help is available from Web Performance personnel on a best effort basis.


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