Load Tester™

Affordable enterprise-quality load testing tool

How Many Users Can Your Website Handle?

Automated User Capacity Analysis

Clearly measure your site’s capacity based on either simple performance goals or complicated Service Level Agreements (SLA). You can use our default performance goals, or get as detailed or as technical as you like.

How It Works

When you run a test, users are slowly increased and measurements are taken at each load level.

If you run Load Tester with server monitoring then recommendations about CPU and memory will be included in your test results.

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Our experienced performance engineers have tuned hundreds of systems for companies large and small, and know just where to look, saving you time to market and money. We'll run your website through a complete performance evaluation, then tell you exactly how many users your site can support, including such important details as the effects of "the last mile." We'll also pinpoint potential problem areas and give you a full report detailing what needs to be fixed and where.

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