Instant Load Engines Retired

Beginning with the 6.6 release, we will no longer be producing our Instant Load Engines ISOs. We know that some of our customers like the convenience of these and we are glad we were able to provide this feature as long as we have. We were one of the first load-testing companies to support load generation from the cloud and we have watched as usage of the Instant Load Engines has dwindled and the usage of our cloud-based engines has increased. The usage of the Instant Load Engine feature no longer justifies the continued development and maintenance required to keep it updated.

But for the next few releases, at least, the 6.5 Instant Load Engine ISOs will remain compatible with new builds of Load Tester. To continue to use the existing ISOs as long as possible, you may add this line to Load Tester’s file:


This will allow Load Tester to ignore the version mis-match when connecting to the engines. The work-around will be available until we introduce incompatible changes into the test format – which we do not envision for at least the next few releases.

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