Tips for Implementing a Content Delivery Network

This post will focus on providing tips for implementing a CDN.  Since there are multiple CDN providers, each with their own setup procedures, configuration of a CDN will be contingent on the provider and the service rendered.  However, whether it be a CDN for a blog or website, the following pointers will be useful while implementing a CDN.

  1. Ensure that YSlow recognizes the CDN. YSlow is pre-loaded with a list of popular Content Delivery Networks, however all CDNs are not included in the list. If a CDN is not included in the list, a site will most likely get an F rating on Rule 2. Adding the CDN hostname to YSlow will ensure that the CDN is recognized by YSlow.
  2. For blogs in particular, configuration of a CDN can be made easier by using plug-ins.  For example, the W3 Total Cache is one of the more popular plug-ins that provides transparent CDN integration for WordPress blogs.

Since there are many types of CDNs, each with their own configuration procedures, there are no universal rules on how to implement a Content Delivery Network.  However, whatever the configuration procedure, verify that the CDN is recognized by YSlow and in terms of blogs, configuration can be made easier by using plug-ins.

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