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New feature: Run a Load Test from the Command Line

A number of customers have asked us about adding a load test to their automated nightly test harnesses.  An early and frequent testing cycle is the quickest (and least expensive) way to identify problems — imagine being able to correlate performance results with specific revision numbers from your source control repository.

We already had the capability to run a single-user replay from the command line, but this week, we added support for running complete load tests, which will be available as part of the upcoming Web Performance Load Tester version 4.2.  From the command line, it will be possible to:

We’d like extend this list, but I need your feedback!  What capabilities would you like to see in an automated load testing harness?  Now is the time to make sure the features you need have a chance to make it into version 4.2.


–Lane, engineer at Web Performance.

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