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License Terms

Buying Load Tester Pro™ means a permanent license to operate three separate programs, a "controller", the user interface which runs the test, "load generating engines" which generate the virtual users, and optionally monitoring software that is installed on the servers under test. The controller is a permanent node-locked license that may be installed on a single computer for execution by a single person at a time. The permanent license can be moved to a second computer by first deactivating the original license, uninstalling the software, and then re-activating the software on a new computer. Running the program on multiple computers with the same license key is a direct violation of the license agreement and will be detected.

Load engines and server monitoring software are not subject to per-computer license restrictions, and thus a single purchased license enables their use to generate load from an unlimited number of servers, and monitor and unlimited number of servers. For more information please read the complete license document.


If you own any previous version of Load Tester™ or Web Performance Trainer™ to upgrade to the latest release you'll need to purchase a support contract.

How many people can use the software at one time?

The software is licensed for use by one person at one time. If you wish multiple people to use the software at one time multiple licenses must be purchased.


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