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Next Generation Testing: no test plan required

So you’ve got a shiny new site designed and ready for testing. You may get some questions like: who are your users, and what will they do while on your site? Sometimes questions like these can be answered with analytics, sometimes with educated guessing. However, for those who can’t answer these simple questions, some options still remain. Among those, one option may soon be a reality: monkeys – lots of monkeys.

In the past, deploying monkeys has been somewhat problematic, as it required extensive training to keep them stationary while using a keyboard & mouse while using computer. This limitation may soon be behind us, made possible by the Apple iPad. This new approach to testing, which we refer to as Fast Origination for Offsite Load may revolutionize the testing industry, by eliminating the need for test planning or scripting. Using our own monitoring software on the iPad, next generation Website Load Testing can offer two innovative new metrics for site performance, which are easily understood by both developers and management alike:

This experimental new methodology uses a reserved off-site facility, where the test subjects have access to internet and bananas 24 hours a day. It is recommended that testing be kept and conducted off-site, as the risk of many upset subjects wandering around during an on-site test has been shown to have detrimental effects to the health of the test servers.

We’re excited by this new methodology, and hope that you’ll go bananas for the chance to test without planning too!

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