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Although they are written using the same tools, javascript, HTML, PHP, etc., Facebook applications are dependent on Facebook APIs and therefore cannot be tested live on Facebook. While Facebook does allow developers to create test users, the 500 account limitation makes this facility inadequate for load testing. Facebook also utilizes anti denial of services attack logic to protect against hackers that would prevent most load tests from even reaching the servers.

Existing load testing software simply doesn't work well for Facebook applications.

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Facebook Simulator

Our solution is a Facebook simulator that drives up to 1,000,000 concurrent users to your Facebook game or application, simultaneously measuring both response times and back-end performance. Your application will be tested under controlled conditions, allowing you to measure performance in a variety of scenarios, including Facebook API failures and outages.

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1,000,000 Concurrent Users

A popular Facebook application or game can quickly go viral and result in hundreds of thousands of people accessing your servers at the same time. Load Tester™ and the Facebook simulator automatically scale to 1,000,000 concurrent users, guaranteeing that your servers can handle the load when it counts.

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Experienced Engineers

We've worked with the biggest names in retail, government, education, sports and politics. Take advantage of our more than a decade of experience to quickly find the solutions to your performance problems. Our experienced performance engineers have tuned hundreds of systems and know just where to look, saving you time to market and money.

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