Large Load Tests on the Cheap

Need to generate thousands of concurrent users but don’t want to pay big bucks for a large license? You may not know that licenses to generate 1,000 or more concurrent users are available on a week-by-week basis. And now that Load Tester 4 can automatically generate massive amounts of load against data centers, leasing makes even more sense.

For existing customers, this means they can purchase a lower-level license for day-to-day use, and then just lease the larger licenses for a big final round of testing. We’ve had a tremendous response from existing customers who normally test with just a few hundred or so users in a test lab, but the lease, coupled with Load Tester 4’s ability to generate load from outside the network, allows them to generate massive amounts of load against data centers without having to configure their own load generators.

For prospective customers, this is a great way to take the software out for a spin for a particular project without paying for the entire license. As an added benefit, the leasing fee even applies toward the purchase of the same or larger license if purchased within the following year.

Pro Tip
To get the most out of the lease make sure all of the test cases are working using either an existing license or the demo license. Once the license is issued the clock starts ticking, so make sure everything is in place before buying.

Michael Czeiszperger
Founder, Web Performance, Inc.

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