Load Tester PRO™

Website Load Testing

At the push of a button you can generate load from outside your network to test the entire application stack, including the firewall, or generate load from inside your network to concentrate on server performance by itself.

Load Testing from the cloud


Configuring user input such as usernames and passwords, search terms, and other user-entered fields is as easy as clicking on the field; no coding required.

To customize fields just click in the field and the Field Editor dialog will appear.

Field Editing Dialog

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No Coding Test Cases

Load Tester PRO™ automatically detects and configures the test cases for most situations. No muss. No fuss. The automated record and configuration process means no complicated hand-coding, and no scripting languages to learn. And no reverse-engineering and hand-programming code for complicated dynamic and state variables. All of which leaves you with more time to write new code.

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A test is only valid if it works correctly, which is why Load Tester™ automatically configures sophisticated logic to detect application and logic errors. When an error does happen, not only is the page captured, but you get a visual comparison showing not only the rendered page, but the HTML that triggered the error.

Visual Error Comparison

Load Tester PRO™ works with your technology on most platforms including:

User capacity analysis clearly measures your site's capacity based on either simple performance goals or complicated Service Level Agreements (SLA). A high level user capacity overview helps you quickly and easily see how many users your site can handle.


Load Tester PRO™ was designed from the ground up to generate massive amounts of load accurately and efficiently. At the base is a completely rewritten byte-level I/O library optimized for load testing. On top of that is a massively scalable application architecture combined with a highly optimized user interface. Load generation is from a network of internal or external load balanced computers that continually monitor the accuracy of the simulated users.

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