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Custom Field Parsing

The flexibility of the Fields View, along with a variety of built-in parsers, makes it easy to configure most dynamic fields. However, many applications use custom formats or embed multiple pieces of data into a single field. Load Tester™ makes it easy to specify a custom parser for a field and expose each sub-part as a separate field. For example, in the wrapper_id field below, imagine the first part of the field value is a constant - possibly hard-coded in some javascript. And the last part (W9eacw7eV719bQ) comes back from the server and is added to the constant before being submitted to the server as wrapper_id.


While it is easy to edit and replace the sub-part of the field in the Load Tester's Field Editor dialog, there are times when it would be better to expose it as a unique field. It may make the testcase easier to understand when reviewing the testcase at a later time. And perhaps more importantly - it will allow Load Tester™'s automatic field configuration to recognize the field and automatically configure it! Simple parsers for name-value pairs are supported, as well as regular expressions (RegEx).

In the screenshot below, a RegEx parser has been configured to turn the single compound field into three separate fields.

example of a custom RegEx parser

Not comfortable with RegEx? No problem - our support gurus will be happy to help you construct a RegEx parser to suit your needs!


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