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Load Testing with Selenium WebDriver

Use Selenium/WebDriver to control thousands of real browsers for load testing, or convert your selenium scripts to virtual browsers to create up to millions of concurrent users.

Selenium Load Testing with Free Legion Open Source Software

Write javascript test scripts using our free open-source load testing Legion library to create lots of real browsers hitting your website. See the sub-project "legion-webdriver" for examples, but keep in mind that approach is still subject to the limitations of the nature of a heavy-weight browser: a single load generator can only realistically control 5-10 browsers depending on the complexity of the application.

Record/Playback of Selenium Scripts into Load Tester

If your use cases are relatively simple, its fast and easy to simply re-record them in Load Tester. It is, however, possible to automatically playback Selenium scripts while recording them in Load Tester. The following tutorial will show you how:

How to Convert Selenium Scripts to Virtual Browser Scripts

Conversion Services

Is your team understaffed? Let us handle your performance testing needs. We can convert Selenium scripts in code or from the IDE into virtual users (or javascript) and handle all of the load testing for you, including identifying bottlenecks.

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