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Find Server Performance Problems

Client-side metrics gathered during load testing can tell you how much the user experience degrades under increasing traffic conditions, but they will not tell you why. For that, you need server-side monitoring. Install this Server Monitoring™ agent on your Windows, Linux or AIX server to gather crucial performance metrics from servers during load testing. Load Tester PRO™ will automatically integrate this data into the load test report to give you the information you need to track down elusive performance problems.

Detailed Metrics

Problem Checklist

Sure, monitoring can show you a bunch of numbers, but what values are good and bad? The checklist feature compares the values for the most important performance metrics and flags errors so you can take a closer look.

Monitoring Checklist

Detailed Reports

Reports can be viewed from either inside the GUI or output in HTML. The statistics included can be customized so that you only see the sections of the report you want, and only the statistics that are of interest.

Server Monitoring screenshot

Real-time Integrated Displays

Statistics are displayed in the customizable GUI in real-time. Easy-to-read charts and analysis tables are integrated with all other results from that test.

Server Monitoring GUI

Fault Tolerant

Load Testing has a tendency to break things, like servers and networks, and this is where our server monitoring agent really shines. Run out of bandwidth? No problem - the agent will continue logging data locally until the test is over. Then Load Tester™ will automatically re-connect and collect the data it was unable to gather during the test - again seamlessly integrating it with the rest of the test results. The agent constantly writes the metrics to disk during the test, so even if the server crashes, every possible sample of data will be preserved and can be merged with the results when the server comes back online.

Firewall Friendly

Server Monitoring™ will work through securely through firewalls with a small amount of configuration, or the server agents can run in off-line mode. The command-line interface allows you to manually start data collection before your test. When the test is complete, stop the data collection, copy the log files and import them into Load Tester™ for post-test analysis.


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