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Server Monitoring

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AIX Server Monitoring

These add-on modules for Load Tester™ track the major AIX operating system performance areas: CPU usage, memory, disk I/O, and network. About 23 statistics are automatically collected and the values automatically integrated into load testing/performance reports. The top six most-important parameters are then analyzed, the problem areas are flagged, and advice is provided on what the performance should be under normal circumstances.

Collected Statistics

Server Process Statistics Memory Statistics
  • CPU %
  • Virtual CPU Usage
  • Physical CPU Steal
  • CPU Entitlement
  • Context Switches/Sec
  • Process Queue Length
  • Memory %
  • Major Page Faults/sec
  • PageIns/sec
  • PageOuts/sec
Network Statistics Disk Statistics
  • Bandwidth In (bytes received/sec)
  • Bandwidth Out (bytes sent/sec)
  • Packets received/sec
  • Packets sent/sec
  • Packets Received Errors
  • Packets Sent Errors
  • TCP Connections Established
  • TCP Connection Failures
  • Network Collisions/Sec
  • I/O Time
  • Queue Length
  • Reads/sec
  • Writes/sec


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