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Server Monitoring

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Linux Server Monitoring

This add-on module for Load Tester™ tracks the major Linux operating system performance areas: CPU usage, memory, disk I/O, and network . About 23 statistics are automatically collected and the values automatically integrated into load testing/performance reports. The top six most-important parameters are then analyzed, the problem areas are flagged, and advice is provided on what the performance should be under normal circumstances.

Need to compare results with Windows? The metrics below are normalized to provide a direct comparison to servers running Windows.

Collected Statistics

Server Process Statistics Memory Statistics
  • CPU Usage
  • Context Switches/Sec
  • Process Queue Length
  • Memory Usage
  • Page Reads/sec
  • Page Writes/sec
Network Statistics Disk Statistics
  • Bytes received/sec
  • Bytes sent/sec
  • Packets received/sec
  • Packets sent/sec
  • Packets Received Errors
  • Packets Sent Errors
  • TCP Connections Established
  • TCP Connection Failures
  • TCP Segments Retransmitted/Sec
  • Network Collisions/Sec
  • Disk I/O Time
  • Service Time
  • Disk Reads/sec
  • Disk Writes/sec
  • Queue Length


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