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Automated Page Validation

How do you know if your web site is actually working? If you're running a 10,000 concurrent user test there's no way you can visually check each and every page. Sure, the HTTP specification says if a web site encounters an error the HTTP return code is supposed to be set to 500.

Guess how many web developers actually do this? Maybe one out of a hundred if you're lucky. That's why we invented our automatic page validation feature: it configures parsers for each page that check to make sure the version of the page the virtual user sees during a test has all the content it's supposed to. And since every site is different, you also have the option of defining your own rules, either site-wide, or on a page-by-page basis.

And once a page validation check has failed, its easy to see why in our head's up compare dialog:

Visual Error Comparison

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