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How many users can your website handle?

Detailed Reports Help You Pinpoint Problems

When you hire Web Performance for your site, you'll receive detailed reports that show how many users your site can handle, which pages load slowly, a bottleneck analysis of common problem areas such network, hardware, database, web server configuration, and software, as well as common fixes for any potential problems.

Real Examples

Performance Report

When you hire us to do functional and load testing, you'll have access to a complete, detailed HTML report showing user capacity, server bottlenecks, etc.

Open Load Test Report

Engineer’s Report

This document contains two performance analysis reports created for actual web testing clients, and are a good example of the extra information provided by our engineers over and above the information generated by our automated "How Many Users?" report and Advanced Server Analysis.

Open Engineer’s Report

Reports Include

  • Independent analysis of your site's capacity in current users, hits/sec, or any metric you prefer
  • Different performance goals for different parts of your site
  • Server performance analysis of dozens of metrics to find performance issues in networking, disk I/O, memory, processes, web server config, etc
  • Description of common fixes for any potential problems
  • Detailed list of pages which aren't meeting performance goals
  • Bandwidth bottleneck detection
  • Detailed page load time analysis pinpointing the cause of a slow page
  • Live screen captures of all page errors


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