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Email Testing

From sending out user notifications from your app to writing a personal response to a customer, a fast, functioning email system is a requirement for the daily operation of any business. Make sure it’s really working.

It’s Not Just About Getting There

…we observed an 18.75% abandonment rate among all account users, all due to “reset email” issues…

– Baynard Institute Research

Misconfigured or overtaxed mail servers directly impact the functioning of a business. It doesn’t only become a problem if messages go undelivered — slow emails can cause customers to give up waiting and move on.

Issues We Test

  • We comb through your server settings to make sure spam is stopped and legitimate email are sent.
  • We make sure your server properly encodes (and displays) messages

We Check Everything — From Server to Browser

Servers are just one side of an email system. That’s why we also take a look at the other end: What’s the impact of web email clients? These apps can have their own issues that cause problems or slowdowns. We put our 17 years of load testing experience to work finding every issue.


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