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XPath locator examples

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If you are new to XPath, the power and flexibility of XPath can be a bit bewildering. This page contains some examples to get you started. After that, I recommend the XPath resources linked on our Types of Element Locators page.

“raw” XPath

To find the link in this page:

<p>The fox jumped over the lazy brown <a href="dogs.html">dog</a>.</p>

A raw XPath traverses the hierarchy from the root element of the document (page) to the desired element:



Child of Element ID

XPath can find an element by ID like this:


So if you need to find an element that is near another element with an ID, like the link in this example:

<p id="fox">The fox jumped over the lazy brown <a href="dogs.html">dog</a>.</p>

you could try an XPath like this to find the first link that is a child of the element with ID=”fox”:



Button Text

There are two ways to declare a standard button in HTML, discounting the many ways to make something that looks like a button, but is not. To determine how an element is declared in the HTML, see how to inspect an element in the browser.

If the button is declared with the <button> tag and the button says “press me”, try this:

//button(contains(., 'press me')]

If the button is a form submit button (declared with the <input> tag and type=”submit” or =”button”) and says “press me”, try this:

//input[@value='press me']


Text of element

Sometimes a bit of text is styled as a link or button. To find it, try this:

//*[text()='the visible text']


The Nth element

To find the Nth element, you must surround your XPath in ()s and then specify the Nth using [n], like this:


A very simple example – find the 3rd link on a page:


To find the 4rd text input field on a page:


You can also traverse from the indexed element. So, to find the link in the 2nd div with class ‘abc’:




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