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How to Locate Your License Key

Step 1: Locate License Key Email

Software license keys from Web Performance, Inc. are sent as an email attachment to the main contact at a company in a file ending in ".license". The files are binary, and sometimes will cause the email to be caught in a spam filter. If you can't locate your license key, please check your spam filter and see if it contains email from

Note that license keys sent to customers on a support contract will be sent to the official contact person specified in the contract itself. If you are not that person you'll need to get in contact with them to obtain the license key.

Lost License Keys

If you can't find your existing license key you are welcome to contact us so a new key can be generated. The official contact person for your company should be updated so future license keys are delivered correctly.

Step 2: Save License Key

Once you locate the email save the attached license key file to a safe place where you can find the file, preferably to your Desktop.

What Next?

After you've located your license key the next step is to install the license key.


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