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PHP Load Testing

Many of today’s top websites use PHP (including our own), so we’ve put an enormous amount of research into extracting the highest levels of performance out of PHP-based sites. Load Tester PRO™ is fully compatible with your PHP website running on Linux or Windows.

Open Source PHP Accelerator Increases Performance 2.8 Times

The latest installment in our PHP performance series takes a look at the open source APC module, which is described this way: “APC is a free, open, and robust framework for caching and optimizing PHP intermediate code.” The results were dramatic, as the module increased the user capacity of the reference PHP application by 2.8 times. Read The Article

The Impact of Zend Platform on PHP Performance

Load Testing SugarCRM and the Zend Platform The performance of our reference PHP application under load (a default SugarCRM installation) showed a 140% increase, measured by total system capacity, after installation of the Zend Platform. Read the article

Impact of Zend Optimizer on PHP Performance

Load Testing SugarCRM and the Zend Optimizer This article measures the performance impact of the Zend Optimizer on a real-world processor-bound PHP application (SugarCRM) under load. Our measure of performance is user capacity. We define that as the number of simultaneous users that the system can support while meeting the specified performance criteria. The performance critera for this test require that all pages load within 6 seconds and no errors are encountered in the application. Read the report


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